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We erected a modern steel framed, wooden clad building in Llandysul, Wales

We also offer newbuild services

We can complete projects of any size

Make your buildings like new with our re-cladding and refurbishment services

Focus Cladding Ltd, specialist sheeting and cladding contractors operating throughout the UK.

What we do...
Focus Cladding was established by people with over fifty years combined roofing and cladding experience to undertake small and large scale industrial, agricultural and business projects including new buildings, all types of refurbishment and repair work. The aim is to use our experience to continue to build a successful business by working closely with our customers in order to achieve lasting partnerships. We Focus on your requirements and what's important to you.
We understand that strong relationships with our customers are the foundations and lifeblood of all successful businesses.

So how can we help you...
If you have a new building project or extension to an existing building on the drawing board, visit our NewClad page... specialists in steel framed buildings

Similarly, if you are looking for an experienced contractor to undertake repairs and maintenance work on your building, visit our pages...

Reclad for new and over-sheeting roofs, including asbestos cement and over-cladding brickwork

Roofclad for flat to pitch roof conversions, solar PV support installation 

Supplyclad for tradesmen and those who want to under the project themselves ...

We cover the UK...
Our Headquarters is in Teesside, Northern England, we also have a southern satellite office in the Thames Valley, Berkshire. This enables us to offer a service across England, Scotland and Wales and means we can respond quickly and efficiently to all enquiries.


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