Flat to Pitch Roof Conversions and Systems

Flat roofs are a source of potential problems. The membrane surface has to maintain 100% integrity throughout its working life to avoid leaks, and ponding can create a reservoir just awaiting the chance to enter the building. Leaking and reduction of insulation values frequently result. Maintenance has to be regular, is inconvenient, expensive and in most cases will not eradicate the problem.

The ideal flat-to-pitch conversion system and can reduce energy costs, while the existing flat roof remains in situ. The additional insulation layers makes a valuable contribution to energy savings.


Other benefits...

• A permanent, quickly installed and weathertight solution to flat roof failure.
• Systems individually designed and tailored to suit structural requirements.
• Propped rafter/ultra-light spanning truss system options.
• Full solar PV support.
• Highly cost-effective option, especially where public spending cuts are being imposed.
• Minimal disruption to building occupants.
• Dramatically upgrades building aesthetics.
• Accepts the widest variety of roof finishes, from metal cladding, to real/simulated tiles and slates.
• Upgrade thermal performance, in full compliance with the latest building regulation requirements.
• Life of building considerably extended and future maintenance costs reduced.
• Ideal for new build - lightweight alternative to timber trusses or heavy hot rolled sections.
• The perfect roof solution for modular "off-site" building construction.
• Accommodates sedum green roofs.
• Audited, insurance-backed Protector Warranty available.
• Technical support includes design/ take-offs/site surveys/planning drawings/ elevational drawings.
• BBA and LANTAC approvals.


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